HARO Backlinks How To Get HARO Backlinks Without ChatGPT

HARO Backlinks How To Get HARO Backlinks Without ChatGPT
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HARO or help a reporter out is now connectively. Gone are the easy days of sending canned Chat GPT answers with bots. HARO is looking for high quality answers and help in order to get high quality placements and backlinks.

15 HARO Backlink Tips , How to land HARO placements consistently.
1. Chat GPT ruined HARO so don’t give copy paste simple answers
2. Who are you why should they care ( be brief )
3. Give your naked URL.
4. Write like a journalist , use tools for help.
5. Your helping them , not them helping you don’t pitch!
6. Each question gets it’s own answer
7. Get a linked in and profile image.
8.Respond to only what they say
9. Be fast to respond , build the relationship if possible
10. Respond to everyone regardless of the name.
11. A no-follow link from Forbes is still a link on Forbes!
12. Share other “placements” on social.
13. Don’t be greedy everyone wants CNN links
14. Have a real business email
15. Use a quality provider to help get HARO backlinks !

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