Honey Witcher

Guest Bio:

Honey is an advanced SEO strategist who uses data to help businesses. 

She uses correlated data science to rank pages in super competitive niches with SEO. 

She is a Part-time Advertising Director at Tinker Self Storage. 

She is the CEO of a non-profit start-up. 

She recently spoke at the SEO Rockstars conference

Please welcome the founder of Honey Badger SEO, Honey Witcher!

Knowledge Bombs:

18:08 – How does Honey get ranking on page one of Google?

To improve Google page one rankings, unique strategies like building backlinks, amd utilizing press releases. These strategies can enhance Google search results and set a company apart from competitors.

18:48 – How did Honey got into SEO?

Honey mentioned that she was initially nudged into the direction of SEO in late 2019, as the pandemic was beginning. It seems like the circumstances of the time may have played a role in her shift towards this field. It’s intriguing to note how external factors can influence career paths.

21:55 – Simple test set up by Honey

Honey discusses setting up 10 sites on Alpha domains without search results, ensuring test integrity, and plans to create a course on test page setup and controls. She emphasizes practical experimentation and a solid understanding of SEO testing fundamentals.

25:18 – How did honey rank on Google within 17 hours?

In April 2022, Honey participated in a Google contest to rank an image within 24 hours. Despite a delay, she created a unique honey badger image using Canva, named hundreds of images, and used YouTube’s ranking capabilities to create videos. Her strategy involved quick action and unique image naming.

36:45 – Honey’s process in handling content tuning

Honey emphasizes the importance of content tuning, focusing on keeping pages on topic and avoiding excessive entity usage. She uses Kora for content tuning and learns from industry experts like Lee and Ted. Honey’s approach involves topic relevance, managing entity usage, and leveraging tools like Kora for effective content tuning.

39:12 -Tips on using Bing to check your website by Honey

Honey emphasizes the significance of Bing as a significant traffic source and recommends checking Bing Web Master tools for technical soundness and proper indexing. If a website is not ranking on Bing, it may indicate a technical issue, requiring further investigation.

41:46 – The use of supplementary content to your sites

Honey emphasizes the importance of supplementary content, such as blog posts, for maintaining topic relevance and effective internal linking. She warns against excessive linking between different topics, stating that mismanagement can have negative effects. For further inquiries, Honey encourages exploring specific aspects or questions related to supplementary content.

47:48 – The process of backlinking strategy for image SEO

Honey emphasized the significance of a unique backlinking strategy for image SEO, stating that standard practices like optimizing H1 tags and backlinks may not be enough to achieve top rankings.

1:01:22 – Honey’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Honey emphasized the importance of SEO, listening to “SEO Fight Club” and learning HTML at W3 schools, setting up a website, trying different strategies, and adapting to industry experts. Her journey involved self-learning, online resources, and practical experimentation.
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