How to Grow Your List of Prospects With “Lookalike Prospects” – 2.2. Link Building Course

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The term “lookalike prospects” is inspired by lookalike audiences commonly used in online advertising. Usually, they share similar characteristics to your existing customers or website visitors.

In link building, lookalike prospects are people similar to a seed link prospect. And seed prospects are people who link to a page for a specific reason.

In the previous video, we talked about how to find seed prospects and identify the reasons why they linked to a particular page. These specific reasons, or “linkable points,” can be identified by patterns in a competing page’s link profile. Best of all, these linkable points help us define our pitch angles.

Watch the video to learn how to pinpoint a footprint and find lookalike prospects based on a seed. This will help you find plenty of opportunities to send your link outreach pitches to.

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