Kelvin Newman

Guest Bio:

Kelvin has over 17 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, 

He is a passionate and innovative online marketing expert and the founder of BrightonSEO, 

The world’s largest and most fun search marketing conference and training event. 

He believes in creating engaging and relevant events that foster collaboration, creativity, and community among the attendees and speakers.

He is the founder and managing director of Rough Agenda, the events company that organizes BrightonSEO and other popular digital marketing events,

He is the owner of PPC Hero.

He is always looking for new ways to enhance the quality and diversity of the events and the learning opportunities they provide.

Please welcome Kelvin Newman!

Knowledge Bombs:

20:10 – How does Kelvin get ranking on page one of Google?

Kelvin suggests achieving Google page one ranking by implementing successful website strategies, creating high-quality content, and effectively promoting it through link building and increased visibility.

20:45 – How did Kelvin got into digital marketing industry and SEO?

Kelvin started in digital marketing and SEO at a UK magazine company, writing articles for their websites. This introduced him to SEO and he pursued it further in Brighton, where he found many SEO firms and deepened his expertise.

30:31 – How many staff to run an event?

Kelvin reports that for an event like Brighton’s 5,000-person event, five to six full-time staff members contribute to the organization and management of the event.

34:49 – The key things Kelvin looks for in a venue

Kelvin prioritizes suitable, large venues for events, focusing on big stages, decent audience sizes, and opportunities for speakers’ learning. These factors contribute to a successful event by providing an engaging environment for presentations and interactions.

44:58 – Does Kelvin accept pitches for topics related to underground or controversial subjects such as black hat SEO tactics?

Kelvin’s events cater to larger agencies and brand-focused attendees, avoiding solo affiliates and high-risk tactics. While discussing topics like black hat SEO, they lean towards white hat strategies and a balanced approach.

47:05 – How does Kelvin look for vendors and sponsors?

Kelvin seeks commercially focused vendors and sponsors for events like Brighton, primarily SaaS companies. They offer services aligning with the event’s focus, such as delegate bags or mini stands. Kelvin evaluates their objective clarity and success measurement to align with the event’s goals and audience.

54:21 – Marketing strategies to promote a conference by Kelvin

Kelvin highlighted the importance of email marketing, building an email list, using Twitter for promotion, and LinkedIn for B2B marketing. He stressed the power of direct conversations and investing in design to make the conference memorable and unique.

1:03:18 – Some  advice from Kelvin for anyone who wants to throw an event

Kelvin advised organizers to establish clear objectives and ensure accessibility to a wider audience. He highlighted the need to discover and mentor new speakers to promote fresh voices in the industry. Continual evaluation and identification of areas for improvement were also emphasized for more successful and engaging future events.

1:06:43 – Kelvin’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Kelvin emphasized the importance of YouTube as a valuable resource for learning SEO and digital marketing, recommending watching videos from experts, engaging with the community, exploring related channels, and attending local events.

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