Mark Rofe

Guest Bio:

Mark worked at one of the UK’s fastest-growing digital PR agencies before leaving to launch an online Christmas tree delivery business.

He has been featured in thousands of publications, and his face has been beamed on TV screens to millions across the world.

He knows how to get links and media coverage and is excited to show you everything he learned so you can, too.

 Please welcome Mark Rofe!

Knowledge Bio:

28:59 – How does Mark get ranking on page one of Google?

Mark emphasized the importance of targeting keywords, quality content, technical SEO, and domain authority for high Google ranking, emphasizing the need for authoritative links.

29:43 – How did Mark got into SEO?

After university, Mark explored digital marketing, including affiliate management, PPC, and technical SEO, finding his passion in digital PR and SEO, as part of his overall digital marketing exploration.

34:03 – What elements made Mark’s billboard campaign success?

Mark mentioned that there were a few key factors that contributed to the success of his billboard campaign. One important aspect was that anything going viral elicits a strong emotional reaction or relatability from people. 

37:12 – Does Mark think getting a lot of social shares and mentions helps in acquiring more backlinks?

Mark emphasizes the importance of providing linkable assets like his dating website to journalists, as it increases the likelihood of obtaining backlinks. Social shares and mentions can also contribute to backlink acquisition.

38:51 – Mark balances the desire for virality with staying true to the brand’s voice and mission

Mark stressed the need to balance virality with a brand’s mission, citing a controversial billboard campaign as an example of balancing SEO goals with brand considerations.

43:08 – Whats the cause if the campaign didnt go viral?

Mark suggests that a campaign’s failure to go viral could be due to timing, as it may not align with current events or peak interest periods. Timeliness is crucial for campaign success, and luck can also play a role. Unexpected factors can hinder virality.

53:49 – What seems the most exciting aspect of this strategy is all the opportunities that would result from a successful campaign?

Mark finds the unpredictability of campaign creation and outreach thrilling, comparing it to the excitement of gambling. He finds the potential for various outcomes to be exhilarating, making the process of campaign creation and outreach dynamic and engaging.

1:01:12 – Mark’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Mark suggests that those aspiring to become SEO professionals should consider working at an agency to gain extensive experience and knowledge, and if not possible, experiment with websites to develop practical skills and insights.

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