Michael Rayburn

Guest Bio:

Michael is the Chief Executive Officer of SEO Commandos, a premier digital marketing agency helping businesses dominate online. 

 He is An expert in SEO and Google Maps.

 He speaks at marketing conferences across the country, sharing his latest tactics. 

 He’s Known for getting fast results, and his customized strategies help companies unlock their online growth potential.

 Please welcome Michael Rayburn.

Knowledge Bombs:

20:01 – How does Michael get ranking on page one of Google?

Michael emphasizes the importance of signals like backlinks, citations, and press releases for Google ranking. They aim to build momentum quickly by generating hundreds of citations a month and building backlinks, creating user-like SEO behavior. Unique content like Magic PR is also crucial.

21:00 – How did Michael got into SEO?

Michael started his SEO journey with a jewelry store to improve its online presence and attract customers. His success led to requests for assistance from other local businesses, expanding his expertise and service offerings.

29:03 – How a press release can benefit a website for SEO

Michael highlighted the importance of press releases for SEO as they serve as filtering tools, allowing websites to gain valuable backlinks and improve their online visibility. Reputable press release sites have strong domains, and strategically using these tools can save costs and scale SEO efforts effectively.

36:54 – Michael’s best practice of optimizing a SEO for a press release

Michael suggests optimizing press releases for SEO by starting with unique articles and distinct content. He recommends using reputable press release sites as filtering tools, as they provide backlinks and contribute positively to SEO efforts, even if hit with spam. This allows for cost-effective scaling of SEO strategies.

44:20 – Be careful of paid ads

Michael emphasized the need for vigilance when creating and maintaining paid ads to avoid potential issues that could impact performance and account standing. He also highlighted the importance of avoiding redirects on domains, which could potentially flag or remove ads.

54:15 – Ways to increase the chances of media pickup compared to traditional distribution

Michael suggests that instead of traditional distribution, focus on earning media pickup through unique, engaging content. This approach, unlike simply paying for a distribution service, leads to organic coverage and visibility for your brand or message.

1:03:05 – Michael’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Michael advises SEO professionals to stay ahead of SEO challenges and adapt to AI changes. Addressing issues initially and expanding knowledge as resources grow is crucial for success and a strong SEO foundation.

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