Patrick Stox

Guest Bio:

Patrick is an SEO professional located in Raleigh, NC. 

He is the Brand Ambassador, Technical SEO, and Product Advisor at Ahrefs. 

He is an organizer for the Raleigh SEO Meetup. 

He currently writes on the Ahrefs blog and has contributed to Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, and Search Engine Journal. 

He speaks at search conferences like SMX, Pubcon, UnGagged. 

He is a moderator for /r/TechSEO on Reddit. 

He was a Finalist for SEO Speaker of the Year and SEO Contributor of the Year at the 2018 Search Engine Land Awards. 

Please welcome Patrick Stox!

Knowledge Bombs:

19:26 – How does Patrick get ranking on page one of Google?

Patrick suggests targeting something that no one else is targeting in order to improve ranking on Google.

19:44 – How did Patrick got into SEO?

Patrick, initially a developer, transitioned into SEO after receiving requests for advice. He worked freelance, in-house, and freelanced with various companies and agencies.

21:15 – How does Patrick pitch new features into a product?

Patrick mentioned a structured process for pitching new product features, working with a team, brainstorming ideas, and visualizations. He collaborated with ChatGPT and data exports to generate innovative concepts.

24:45 – Why Ahrefs new feature portfolio is useful?

Ahrefs’ new feature, Portfolio, is a game-changing tool that allows users to treat multiple pages or websites as one entity, managing up to 10 websites and a thousand pages. This feature streamlines data management and comparative analysis across multiple web entities.

32:47 – How to quickly perform a technical site audit to identify optimization opportunities? 

Patrick recommends using Explorer tools’ Portfolio and Advanced filters for a quick technical site audit and optimization opportunities. These filters allow users to customize and apply filters to specific crawls or accounts, enabling efficient monitoring and analysis.

44:09 – What can Google Search Console integrations provide, and how can SEOs leverage features like cannibalization data?

Google Search Console (GSC) Integrations offer SEOs valuable data for improving website performance, including cannibalization data. This data helps identify instances where multiple pages compete for the same search query, enabling corrective actions like consolidating content, implementing redirects, or re-optimizing pages, ultimately improving website visibility and performance on search engines.

1:01:07 – Patrick’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Patrick emphasized that despite some beliefs that SEO is dead and ChatGPT will replace it, he firmly believes that SEO professionals will continue to thrive for a long time. He highlighted the importance of optimizing for search engines and emphasized the enduring relevance of search engine optimization. 

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