SEO This Week Episode 11 – Fake News, Influential Women, and Paid Media

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This week we take a look at the major media call for FaceBook and Google to censor what you see. Apparently, they think you are too stupid to figure out what is real news and what isn’t so they want to help you out. How nice of them.We look at 50 Women Digital Marketers who are doing an outstanding job and deserve all the recognition that they get.We look at some Google AdWords changes and highlight how to use AdWords to engage with your current customer base.Finally we wrap up with some news about YouTube, Schema, and indexing in Google.

SEO This Week is a production from Olympia SEO that was created in order to help small business owners and other digital marketing practitioners learn about the latest news, tips, and trends in the online marketing space.

We sort our choices by trending topics based on social signals, then review each article to make sure there is some real value there for our readers.

The best way to leverage this list is to actually start engaging on the sites that we highlight and learn a bit more about the people who have created them.

Please watch: “STW Episode 54 – Amazon SEO, Competitive Analysis, Startups”


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