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Tory brings a refreshing combination of SEO knowledge and a growth-minded perspective rooted in kindness, compassion, and proven results. 

Before starting The Gray Dot Company, Tory spent over 13 years in SEO and growth strategy, serving product and marketing roles for in-house startups and reputable agencies. 

As a senior digital strategy and SEO consultant, Tory offers extensive experience scaling and growing businesses as a quoted SEO expert on Slate, Oncrawl, #SEOFomo,, and more. 

She’s also a senior SEO advisor for several digital agencies and a passionate mentor for WTSEO, a support network for women in the Technical SEO field.

Please welcome Tory Gray

Knowledge Bombs:

17:10 – How does Tory get ranking on page one of Google?

Tory mentioned that the best place to start from her perspective is by doing something new and fresh where you provide unique value. She likes to get ideas for creating content based on client questions and repeat questions that clients ask.

18:24 – How did Tory got into SEO?

Tory revealed that she entered the SEO field due to its diverse tasks in feed management, pay-per-click, and digital marketing. She found it intriguing, unique, and strategic. Despite being a junior female, her technical skills made her valuable. She enjoyed the fast-paced and challenging nature of SEO, appreciating the chance to be heard in the industry.

20:43 – how did Tory started The Gray Dot Company?

Tory attributed The Gray Dot’s success to her business partner, Sam, joining during Covid. They met at Women in Tech SEO in the Slack room and have since grown their team, working with around ten to twelve freelancers.

23:35 – Why is digital Market intelligence (DMI) important for businesses?

Digital Market Intelligence (DMI) aids businesses by utilizing search, social, and first-party data to analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes, enabling informed decision-making for growth and success in the digital era.

28:08 – The process of gathering data sets for in-depth analysis and the tools to use

Tory emphasizes client collaboration, data source alignment, and platform selection for data analysis, using human and machine learning scripts for comprehensive insights.

33:17 – Businesses can use DMI to gauge consumer interest and discover emerging trends with YouTube data

Digital Market Intelligence (DMI) can help businesses understand consumer interest and identify emerging trends using YouTube data. By tracking engagement metrics, trending topics, and popular keywords, businesses can create relevant content, optimize marketing strategies, and stay competitive by aligning with their target audience on YouTube.

44:45 – Things businesses and individuals need to start doing to collect data for DMI

To conduct Digital Market Intelligence (DMI), businesses should use first-party data from industry surveys and sources, use tools like social media analytics, keyword research, and data visualization, and combine human insights with machine learning scripts.

48:49 – Tory’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Tory’s advice for someone aspiring to become an SEO professional is to start by getting an entry-level job, secure a freelance gig, or ask a friend to give access to their Google Search Console account for hands-on experience. She suggests playing around with data, analyzing it, and learning the basics rather than focusing solely on learning to code.

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