Viktoria Altman

Guest Bio:

Viktoria is a legal SEO specialist and serial entrepreneur. 

She is the founder of BSP Legal Marketing and Brooklyn SEO Pro. 

She spoke at the Digital Unfiltered conference and various podcasts. 

She is content learning new techniques, discovering new technologies, and testing theories. 

Please welcome Viktoria Altman.

Knowledge Bombs:

20:24 – How does Viktoria get ranking on page one of Google?

Viktoria outlined strategies for Google page one ranking, emphasizing Kora, a combination of PR, Cloud, and social media links, and emphasized the importance of high authority and quality content.

20:55 – How did Viktoria got into SEO?

Viktoria was a travel blogger, she discovered SEO through Facebook ads and pursued a course, becoming an authority in the field and speaking at conferences, showcasing her journey from a travel blogger to a successful SEO figure.

23:04 – The use of cloudlinks in SEO

Cloud links in SEO are a powerful strategy, with providers like Oracle, Amazon, and Google offering high-quality links with a DA 95 rating. They can create 25 high-quality links for every page, enhancing ranking. However, testing is ongoing, highlighting the complexity of optimizing cloud links.

26:40 – Viktoria’s process for creating HTML

Viktoria emphasized that creating HTML for SEO is a simple process that can be easily learned using tools like Cyberduck and Mobi, and using YouTube or Google for tutorials.

31:30 – Viktoria’s text process

Viktoria employs a blend of SEO strategies, utilizing AI writer Chat GPT and Kora, and focusing on high-quality embeds from platforms like YouTube for Cloud Pages, showcasing the versatility of SEO methods.

34:51 – Viktoria’s solution on getting indexed

Viktoria and her team use IndexMe and Sinbites for efficient cloud link indexing, with 90% retention rates. They regularly check and re-add cloud pages, demonstrating a meticulous and proactive approach.

37:52 – Viktoria’s method for pointing cloud links to the homepage

Viktoria suggests using one cloud page to link all pages to, directing links towards the main money page, for optimal SEO performance. She also discusses interlinking cloud pages for further SEO enhancement.

40:43 – Tips on creating local content by Viktoria

Viktoria suggests creating hyper-local Cloud sites by embedding an RSS feed from a local source like CNN onto a Cloud page. This keeps content fresh and relevant, enhancing local relevance and keyword optimization, making it a valuable tool for creating engaging, location-specific content.

52:38 – Viktoria’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Viktoria advises becoming an SEO professional to use techniques like Kora, PR links, cloud links, and social media links to enhance Google presence. She emphasizes learning through courses and networking, and shares her journey from travel blogger to SEO professional.

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