What Backlink Placements Come With A Basic Press Release PR

What Backlink Placements Come With A Basic Press Release PR

A basic press release distribution service that they have just launched for a client. He highlights the benefits and the links that can be built to your pages through this service. He scrolls through a list of over 500 websites where the press release will be distributed, including news websites, radio channels, newspapers, and major outlets. This wide range of links is beneficial for leveling out anchor text density, building brand authority, and gaining more authoritative links. Chris mentions that with this service, you can expect to receive 500 distribution links for the cost of one press release. He also shares an example of what the press release looks like on Digital Journal and explains the submission process, allowing for two links and company information within the article. He concludes by expressing his excitement for the next video and hopes to see the viewers there.

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