Will Critchlow

Guest Bio:

Will founded Distilled in 2005 along with Duncan Morris.

He started the SearchLove conference series in 2009 and expanded the SEO consulting business and the conference series to the US.

He built a platform for SEO A/B testing and agile changes to large websites, which we spun out as an independent business called SearchPilot in February 2020.

Brainlabs acquired the Distilled business (along with SearchLove).

He spends most of his time running SearchPilot, live streaming, and  speaking at marketing conferences.

Please welcome Will Critchlow.

Knowledge Bombs:

20:33 – How does Will get ranking on page one of Google?

Experimentation is a strategic method for improving Google rankings. It involves controlled SEO experiments, focusing on content creation and link building, to understand the best strategies for achieving page one.

21:38 – How did Will got into SEO?

Will gained SEO skills through learning and experimenting, attending conferences and SEO Pro events, building and debugging websites, and joining SEO Moz’s community. He learned from the community before social media platforms like Twitter became popular.

26:31 – How is the current economic climate is uniquely challenging for SEO professionals?

Will emphasizes the economic challenges faced by SEO professionals, citing past downturns like the dotcom bust and global financial crisis, but remains optimistic about internet spending growth and search relevance.

33:42 – How can SEO professionals craft more compelling evidence-based arguments to secure necessary funding?

SEO professionals can secure funding by emphasizing the importance of not falling behind in traffic and competition. They can highlight the consequences of not investing in SEO efforts and the cost of not doing so.

40:29 – How do quick wins, moving fast, and proving worth look in practice for an SEO professional?

SEO professionals must quickly win and adapt to maintain website traffic and competitive positioning, ensuring a strong online presence and securing funding for SEO initiatives.

44:23 – The basics of SEO testing that can help in securing and protecting budgets

SEO testing helps secure and protect budgets by demonstrating the potential consequences of not keeping up with SEO work. SEO professionals focus on large websites with scalable site sections, conducting scientific tests to improve SEO strategies effectively. This emphasizes the scale and complexity of SEO projects.

1:00:14 – Will’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Will advises starting as an SEO professional by working at a high-quality agency, gaining exposure to diverse clients, and gaining training in technical, content, and creative aspects. This experience helps identify strengths and interests in SEO, providing a solid foundation.

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