Blog Post Templates to Write Money-Making Affiliate Content [4.2]

In this video, you’ll learn how to write blog posts for an affiliate site that will generate revenue.

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Revenue generating, or “money-making” blog posts are the commercial posts that we covered in Module 3 of this course:

► general comparisons;
► branded comparisons;
► product reviews.

When writing these posts for your affiliate site, your primary goal should be to serve the intent of the visitor. This increases your chances of ranking higher in Google and earning more affiliate commissions.

This video will cover how to write blog posts for general comparison keywords such as “best [product name].”

You’ll also learn how to write product reviews that convert into commissions. These pages tie in directly with general comparisons because a part of our overall strategy is to build “product clusters.”

The final commercial blog post type is “branded comparisons.” These are your typical “vs.” posts. This type of post is perfect for visitors who have narrowed down their product research to a few options and are looking to make an informed purchasing decision.

Watch the video to learn more about writing general comparison posts and creating topic clusters with your content.

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