Spending $800K on Marketing Ideas: Lessons Learned

In this video, you’ll learn about some marketing campaigns we spent money on and our takeaways from those campaigns.

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So, we spent over $800,000 on marketing campaigns with no tracking and having no expectations for ROI. Let’s find out if they were worth it or a waste of money.

First, we ran a Google ads campaign to earn backlinks. We spent around $16,100 on it to test if you could get backlinks by simply paying your way to the top of the search results with ads.

Want to know if it’s a way to go for link building? Watch the video.

Next, we revamped our Homepage after five years, intending to add some personality and rethink our messaging. To do this, we hired three different copywriting agencies and spent around $33,000 for their services.

The lessons learned were unexpected to say the least.

The next experiment was for podcast sponsorships, for which we spent $52,000 on podcast ads in total.

Watch the video to learn what we got from these sponsorships.

Another thing we did was reallocate our Google and Facebook ads budgets to creator sponsorships. This initiative was multifaceted as we believe that creators should be recognized for their work and expertise. That’s why we’re creating the search engine yep.com from the ground up.

Want to learn more about our creators’ sponsorships? Watch the video.

Finally, in addition to individual creator sponsorships, we spent around $100,000 in conference sponsorships in 2022.

Watch the video to learn about the results of these sponsorships and our takeaway from all our marketing campaigns.


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0:09 Idea #1
1:16 Idea #2
2:16 Idea #3
3:56 Idea #4
5:29 Idea #5
6:03 The takeaways

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