We Bought 3 Affiliate Keyword Research Gigs on Fiverr

We bought and rated 3 keyword research gigs for SEO on Fiverr. See what we got and the overall quality of these SEO gigs.
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People often look to Fiverr for freelance SEO services. And since keyword research is usually the first and (perhaps) the most important aspect to setting yourself up for SEO success, we wanted to test how good Fiverr keyword research gigs are.

So, we bought 3 gigs: one for $15, another for 80 and a pro gig for $150.

We didn’t make the purchase under our own name. We sent in someone else, one who doesn’t know much about SEO. All the sellers were given a similar story: we wanted to set up an affiliate site on laser pointers in the US.

We then came up with a set of baseline expectations so we could critique the keyword research gigs objectively:
► We wanted a usable list of keyword ideas.
► We wanted to know the search intent behind these keywords.
► The keywords should be relevant to our affiliate business model.

For bonus points, we hoped to get some educational material to better understand the reports, metrics, and any SEO wisdom that would help.

In this video, you’ll learn more about our thoughts on the deliverables from these keyword research gigs.


0:00 Intro
2:03 The $15 gig
10:38 The $80 gig
16:06 The $150 gig

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