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Google Maps citations and local business citations what is the difference and how to do them properly is what I will be covering in today’s video.

I wanted to go ahead and create a video regarding my maps Google citations and how local business owners might be doing them wrong. I see on all of the freelance and micro job platforms people offering Google citations as a service.

When utilizing my maps for citations or for reference points often times the depth of the Google citation is what is often regarded as the benefit. Unfortunately we know that this is going to be wrong due to the simple fact that Google is only giving credit to the initial title of the main map citation.

So in order to increase or get maximum benefit from a Google map citation you will need to create multiple single layer my maps with different reference points keywords and variations of keywords to get maximum benefit for your local business.

A lot of times a my maps or Google Maps citation is confused with a local business directory for citation Source however I hope that this video covers exactly what the difference is and how you can obtain maximum benefit by utilizing Google Maps citations for your local business.

If you have any future questions related to local SEO or any other Google Maps questions feel free to go ahead and ask below where I’m always happy to help.


0:00 Google Maps Citations Intro
0:27 Difference between citation and maps citations
1:25 My Maps Citations
2:15 Why massive my maps don’t push power
2:47 Google maps citations done right
3:40 Google maps citations examples
4:27 Maximize google maps citations power
5:02 maps citations and local citations
5:26 google maps citations tips

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