Google Ranking Factors (Leaked)

Google is getting sued, and they’re releasing some details into how their search engine works.

And I’m going to show you how you can use this information to get an advantage in SEO.

Make sure to watch until the end because I share one technique that I use to ethically manipulate Google’s algorithm.

ChatGPT Prompts from Video:

⬩“Analyze this Google ranking data for the keyword “YOUR KEYWORD” and tell me what URLs have achieved the best rankings over the last two years. I’m looking for what URLs have achieved ranking stability.”

⬩”I’ve uploaded the content from [URL]. I want to outrank this page. So please share a SWOT analysis of this page and give me action items for beating them (from an SEO perspective).”

Full dialogue:

Resources Mentioned:

⬩ Mouseflow: (Affiliate Link)


⬩Surfer: (Affiliate Link)

⬩SEO for Roofers:

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