Negative Google Business Profile Techniques

Negative Google Business Profile Techniques – Local Business Owners Need to Watch !

Previously known as Google My Business today’s video covers Google Business Profile negative SEO techniques. The negative SEO strategy that I will be covering today has to do with a two-part technique. The negative SEO for Google my business and Google business profile comes about by following a two-part strategy. This strategy consists of creating multiple businesses at the same business address.

Along with that generating multiple positive reviews in the general area that your business is trying to rank. However these positive reviews that are localized go onto the main competition at the same address competing in the same category. This particular negative Google business profile technique is very effective for getting other businesses like yours potentially filtered.

If you have any future questions related to Google my business or your Google business profile and or any other Google business profile techniques please feel free to go ahead and ask below. #googlebusinessprofile #chrispalmerseo

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