Simon Schnieders

Simons spent over a decade working at the coalface of SEO, heading up in-house teams at companies like Zoopla, Yell, and Mail Online before starting his agency, Blue Array Ltd.

He launched Blue Array Ltd, trademarking the term ‘consultancy to describe a unique blend of consultancy and agency concentrating on SEO services and nothing else.

In addition to heading up Blue Array, he is an angel investor and advisor at and SafeBuy

He is a mentor at 500 Startups, Wayra, and Tech hub.

He is also the author of the Amazon best-selling book ‘Mastering in-house SEO.’

Please welcome the Founder of the UK’s largest specialist SEO agency, Simon Schneiders!


19:11 – How does Simon get page one in Google

Acquisition SEO is the best way to get on Google’s page one according to Simon. This method is about acquiring someone that’s on page two and boost them all the way up, which is going to talk more about later.

19:21 – Simon’s early experiences in getting into SEO

Simon first got into SEO through affiliate marketing while in a casino, where it eventually led down to the SEO route. As years go by, he got hooked of SEO because of its complexity and style.

21:38 – How did Simon rank casinos and properties back then?

Simon played around with Google’s technology curved back in the days where SEO is still in its early days.

23:00 – Simon’s SEO learning process

Forums were still a thing in the early days of SEO compared to now. And this is where Simon started his SEO learning journey thanks to like-minded people in these forums.

24:07 – How Simon build the largest SEO agency “Blue Array” in the UK

Blue Array, Simon’s SEO company in the UK, started from humble beginnings just like the rest of us. In this section, Simon gives as an insight of how this journey began from the bottom to the top thanks to in-house relationships.

27:32 – Simon’s in-house life and how he broke out from it

Early success with clients and becoming a referral engine is the driving force of Simon to pursue more for his company. Who would have thought that they can go this big in such a period of time?

28:35 – Business side of clients or SEO activities, which is which?

According to Simon, these two factors are interlinked with each other. With these two being a union, you can grow your SEO and business at the same time.

30:02 – North Star goals explained

There are plenty of growth opportunities with North Star goals. Simon, the one who built these North Star goals, gives us an insight of how it works to help you achieve great numbers in SEO.

32:11 – Simon’s process of developing content for clients  

For Simon, developing content will depend on the client’s needs. Using tools such as clustering technologies and machine learning for keywords are vital too. But one important thing to keep in mind is to avoid duplication, considering that the web is filled with similar content that you might not know.

35:04 – Simon’s take on AI tools  

As of now, Simon and his team haven’t used AI tools, especially for content writing. However, he is open to the possibilities and opportunities that this tech has to offer in the future.

38:56 – Acquisition SEO as explained by Simon

As said earlier, acquisition SEO is one of the best ways to get higher Google rankings according to Simon. In this section, we get a super in-depth overview of how this works and its benefits for already-existing websites.

45:06 – The value of NLP and how it affects SEO

NLP, and also entity extraction can automate a process of creating a hub-like website that focuses on celebrities, for example. For Simon, automating a grouping or content characterization is best made with the help of NLP.

54:07 – What does a user achieve in Simon’s “Blue Array Academy SEO Manager Certification”?

Being in this academy gives users the knowledge of the fundamentals of SEO as well as their technical content side of things. This gives myriads of opportunities for users who wanted to opt in.

57:08 – Simon’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

For Simon, agencies give SEO beginners a broad view on multitude of different SEO industries and website that you can work on. Not to mention, you’ll get that much-needed exposure too. From here, it’s up to you how you want to accelerate your SEO career along this path.



Google updates its search rater guidelines.

The quality rater guidelines are more than 170 pages long.

The guide helps make sure Search is returning relevant results from the most reliable sources available.

It’s been the foundation for all my optimization frameworks.

I’m a big believer in E-A-T signals and use them as part of my ranking strategies for pages and videos.

The link to the guide is in the description.

SMA marketing put out a video this week on Understanding Search Intent

Why is your audience searching? What are they hoping to learn, do, receive from the search query?

Be sure to watch the full video.

If you are not subscribed to the SMA channel.

I highly recommend it. Excellent information

William Jones, a local SEO expert, gives his #1 tip on ranking local pages


William is next week’s guest, so if you want to learn all the local SEO hacks.

He’s the one to talk to.

This past week I was on Dixon’s Jone’s knowledge panel show along with
Mark Asquith and Emma jones on the topic of YouTube and Podcast SEO

I share a few tips on there, so be sure to watch.

I will be diving even deeper into video SEO and how I launched this channel on Jason Barnard’s Kalicube Tuesday this coming Tuesday.

Be sure to come by and say hi in the live chat!

MOZ put out a video this week on the ROI of SEO.

Let’s check it out.

How are you showing ROI to your clients?

I know someone who can share his ROI methods. My guest today!


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