Daniel K. Cheung

Guest Bio

Daniel K Cheung is based in Sydney Australia

Daniel works with major brands in the financials and banking industry#

Daniel cracks the 1.1 million impressions 

Daniel is the host of Scheming Schemas

Daniel is currently the SEO Manager of Adobe 

Knowledge Bombs

19:10 Ranking on page one of Google 

Daniel prompted that you should have a good foundation. And then you need to have great content that Google has been banging his drum about for years now. And it would make sense in terms of search intent to pair that with your content and with your technical SEO which it will get you 50 to 60. Moreover, you need to get good links depending on the industry and how competitive those keywords or searches. You also need to understand if your content is good enough and if you have the kind of experience and expertise to deliver that value to the audience and then how you get on visibility for people’s searching it well and you also need links. 

23:49 Learning from the people Daniel Followed

Daniel followed first, Amanda Natividad who taught him about  CMO of Sparktoro for anything that is marketing related and expert in writing for Fintech. There is Araminta Roberts and Lee Foot for anything python related and coding. Erica Schneider for community building and content. Lily Ray and among others are the ones who have inspired him.

26:16 How you first started building your personal brand on LinkedIn

Daniel started two years building up a following on Twitter and he wasn’t able to get that reach. Twitter was great for interacting fellow SEOs but he was not able to get that kind of huge reach. And then he thought about LinkedIn at Optus where he was currently working and he was told to create his own personal brand. He started created his personal brand and has organically gotten 1500 without him knowing. He highlighted the understanding of “why” and be certain to make it actionable.

29:57 About the target in the content you’re putting out

Building a following is that you get so entrenched in the numbers of the followers that you lose sight of the why, and so the “why” again was to establish yourself and know your topic or certain niche, and that was for Daniel schema and mark up and that’s the goal. He also said about positioning and it’s all about saying “I’m not that free and not that available.” and that’s why  Daniel cost a certain amount of money. Most importantly, he does not matter about the cost because for him what matters most  is helping someone along their journey. You need to do something and get that result. 

32:11 What to say to close the CMO

For Daniel, he comes in and finds out about problems and he prioritizes business goals which you can focus on one, two or three things that you really need to focus on and how to do it. Sometimes, it’s beyond your ability to prescribe about something. So, cold calling comes in and understanding what is a problem. 

33:45 Content Plans for your posting schedule

Daniel has bank ideas that he puts into buffer whenever he’s walking or wherever he already has an idea in mind to write about and then he builds it into Canva or Adobe Express. And then he built a creative side about that and he will post it during the weekend. He reminded me that knowing your audience is important and how you use your platform too.

37:10 Tips from personal experiences 

Everyone has a different journey. First, surround yourself with awesome people that other people respects. Moreover, you need to put hyperlinks in your FAQ content. Also, start knowing about paraphrasing and creating content that resonates with people and he highlighted the EEAT. You can start by developing a concept and mixing it with just one example and do what you are most comfortable with while pushing yourself. 

40:41 Getting More Engagement And Its Importance

You need to understand what makes it interesting and differentiate yourself from others. Engagement for Daniel is when people ask questions and you are going to answer it, building strategy and understanding your audience and what to do for your call to action. Most importantly, it’s all about sharing what’s useful to someone else. Hence, you have to ask, so that you can have it. 

44:13 Benefits of building your personal brand

First, you need to understand your reputation and that is going to define you and how people think of you. And it’s definitely not forcing a sale. The sale is the byproduct of that reputation that you create and you have to create it and nurture it. It is about the perception and the perceptual various touch points of people come across. You need to communicate as if you are into people’s minds. You need to know your values and what you represent and more importantly how you can help them. 

Google News

Google updated its page on canonicalization with detailed recommendations for syndicated content.

Google says that syndication sites should block the content from being indexed.

Feature snippet optimization from Income School. Let’s check out a couple.

This was the first time I heard about this character count, and I will test it out myself.

Keyword research tip from Jacob Clarke at NerdWallet

VS content has always been a part of my SEO strategy for creating bottom-of-the-funnel content. The intent to buy is there, and the searcher needs that extra push to decide.

So be sure your VS landing pages are written with your best SEO sales copy.

Thinking of buying a domain 301 and redirecting it for link juice? Ted Kubaitis answers.

A tip we learned a couple of weeks ago we learned to find expired/old domains with index urls to more power rankings.

Local SEO Page Sculpting For Topical Authority by Chris Palmer

To complete your siloed content, don’t forget to interlink the content within each site structure to power up the main category page.

To take it even further.

Use RelatedLink for parent page internal linking and use SignificantLink for internal pages that are directly relevant to the parent pages that link back to the parent page.

And someone who wrote about this in detail is my guest today.

This brings me to my favorite part of the show.

Please ask questions, and I will address them in the order they are received.


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