Nik Ranger

SEO Video Show EP115: Nik Ranger – Senior Technical SEO Specialist at Dejan Marketing

Guest Bio:

Nik is a senior technical SEO and a highly respected industry speaker.

Nik oversees digital strategy, data analysis, content, and site architecture for large enterprises and local businesses.

Nik is focused on data-driven results, researching user intent, and finding opportunities in competitive industries.

Nik is an electric Violinist, Illustrator, Rank Ranger brand ambassador, and Co-director of SEO Collective Australia.

Knowledge Bombs:

17:50 – Getting ranked on page one

Nik goes on by looking through what the clerk wants. She would see through the search console data, Google analytics data, and what to build in CTR models.

30:08 – Process of doing CTR models & search console data

Having a really good idea of the entities that you want to be the authority on is a great place to start, Nik explains. She added that looking over the internal links and understanding your entity is one way to get ranked on page one.

37:28 – Beginners need to watch out for technical SEO

Nik advises that it’s okay not to know everything as you already know business tactics. However, you need to be aware of investing and presenting your information, which is important in SEO.Β 

52:40 – Ranking to ClickFunnels/Groove/GoHighLevel

Nik thinks that these services do not work; accordingly, she thought of the commercially valuable pages that you want someone to land on and be able to convert them. Then, she added that you would think about duplicating the content or completely decimating the UX.Β 

56:58 – Semantic-Driven Site Architecture

Understanding our entities, looking through the internal links, having structured data then presenting it to the users results in a good idea of a whole framework, Nik explains. In SEO, they value the use of URLs to help give the search engine semantic understanding through the site architecture.

01:03:51 – Getting into SEO

Asking questions, trying out things for yourself, starting to illuminate advice on the web, making friends, and swapping ideas and stories are essential things Nik thought to be an advantage to getting into SEO.

Google News:

How to Set Your Site Name on Mobile Search by John Lincoln

The October Spam update CRUSHED so many sites. Why?

Marie Haynes explains

Did you see your site rankings drop if you used Fivvr links or your favorite link spam tool?

Here’s a strategy on how to get high-quality backlinks by Chris Penn

And if you need a tool to check the quality of your backlinks, check out Ahrefs.

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Mad Singers shares how to convince a client to trust you.

I’ve done something similar where I structured my contract into three payments where I had goals to hit.

Where you pay the next installments once each goal is hit.

I never went as far as returning a client’s payment.

Someone who is no stranger to working with clients is my guest today.

Please ask your technical SEO questions, and I will address them in the order they are received.

Before we introduce our guest, here is a word from our sponsor.

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